We are HMN Makelaars: Peter Brandsma en Lex van Hoepen. We leggen graag uit hoe wij zijn ontstaan en vanuit welke visie we opereren.

From mortgage advisors to real estate agents
In 2002, Lex van Hoepen founded the company Hypotheken Midden Nederland, which in its early years mainly focused on mortgage mediation. A few years later, things changed.

As mortgage advisors, we were always involved with houses and real estate agents, which sparked our interest in the real estate profession even more.

We started buying houses for our clients in 2010, and it turned out to be very successful. We gradually expanded our services, and as a result, we decided to establish a new company, HMN Real Estate Agents, at the end of 2020. We operate together under one roof, allowing for short lines of communication between the financing department and the real estate department.

Why HMN Real Estate Agents?
Omdat wij niet alleen weten wat de klant kan financieren. maar ook omdat we met een goede voorbereiding in de markt een hypotheek in a week with good preparation in the market.

The strength of HMN Real Estate Agents is that we have already looked at the financing options for our clients. We do this as a first step before we embark on any search or bidding process.

Through our knowledge of the real estate market, negotiation skills, financial expertise, and because we are deeply involved in mortgage brokering, we can help you better than anyone else. There is no buying agent who can operate like HMN Real Estate Agents. Additionally, our clients find it very enjoyable to have one point of contact for both the purchase and financing process.

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